Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines appeals for help due to typhoon "Ketsana" onslaught

In Behalf of my fellow Filipinos in the affected areas by the typhoon (Ketsana) or "Ondoy" it's local name, I appeal to everybody for any help you can give. Food, water, old clothes, medicines, or money donations will be very much appreciated.. Please inquire in areas near you in your respective countries how you can help.. Thank You very much in advance...

For monetary donations please visit:

Philippine National Red Cross

If you want to send relief goods (food, medicine, used clothing, etc..), from outside of the Philippines, please inquire in International aid organizations nearest you in your respective countries how you can send the goods..

Here is a list of places and contacts in the Philippines where you can send your help... Please follow the link below...



Thank You Very Much in behalf of my fellow Filipino people

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