Friday, October 23, 2009

Screen Capture Bookmarklet for Google Chrome and Firefox

Here's another useful bookmarklet you can use in Google Chrome as well as Firefox. It let's you capture screenshots and edit it before saving. You can also add texts, arrows, draw, change colors, move, crop, resize, flip add effects much more like editing images in those photo manipulation softwares. When saving you can choose whether to save it on your desktop or save and host it online but you have to register for an account to do that (registration is absolutely free).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Screenshot Captor - Freeware screen capture software

Screenshot Captor is a freeware program used in making screenshots on your computer. Most screen shot softwares I formerly used where although free but with some disabled features, while some you can use as trial softwares and locks up after the alloted time.

- Screenshot Captor however is different from other similar programs simply because it's loaded with features.

- It is optimized for taking screenshots very easily.

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