Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google Chrome Extensions Up At Last

At last, the long awaited extensions for Chrome is available. Although this has already been available for developers for quite some time now. Regular Chrome users, me included, have been wanting to add more plugins and functionality with our Chrome for a long time.

I personally like Chrome cause it's minimalistic and web pages loads really fast. But the lack of extensions
limits it's usability. Specially in blogging. To make up for that, I have to use Firefox side by side. For example if I wanted to make some screenshots, I have to copy the link from Chrome and open it in Firefox. Pretty strenuous process. Now it's just a click or two away.

Most of the popular and most used extensions from Firefox Chrome has it or something similar in function to it. From Facebook clients, Twitter, Email clients, bookmarks, favicons, SEO applications and more.

Just click on the jigsaw puzzle graphic at the lower right corner of the start page in Chrome to access the list of extensions. Assuming you have Chrome already installed.

If not. You might wanna try it out and experience Chrome for yourself. Installing it is real easy and doesn't take long. You can download here

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