Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Simplest Way to Surf Anonymously (Using Proxy Host)

There are numerous products out there that offers anonymous surfing but most of them aren't free. Well I found one you can use free and you don't need to install anything.. Most of you may even know about this already..

Why surf anonymously?

Well for some reason some people just wanted anonymity while surfing the net. Some reasons may be they don't want websites to be collecting some personal informations (eg. IP addresses, mac addreses, location) about them, the cunning work of cookies. And some just wanted to lift location ban on certain websites, like me..

Heres how..

Just visit this site..

or this..
http://flyproxy.com/you can bookmark it..

Then click Options located at the right side of the url box..Make sure the Remove Scripts (Javascripts) is checked or check all the options..Then type in the website you wanted to visit in the url box. Then click the Conceal Me box beside or press ENTER. thats it, that simple..

NOTE: because javascripts are disabled, not all of a websites page elements will be loaded like ads and some other javscript based elements..

I'll be updating on new Web Proxies everytime i find one so keep posted..

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