Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Create a Mobile Version of Your Blog (Now supports auto-redirect for Blogspot blogs)

A while ago I blogged about 2 other mobile blog platforms http://myplaylist4today.blogspot.com/2010/01/setup-mobile-version-of-your-blog.html that has quite some impressive features but both don't support automatic redirection of visits from mobile phones. Instead they provide a link or thumbnail that you have to click to visit the mobile version of the blog. So basically if your browsing using your mobile phones, if your using your phones native browsers chances are it will return an error or an unable to load message. If your using mobile browsers like Opera Mini or Bolt whose among the most popular ones, your going to have to let the site finish loading then click on the link to the mobile version specially in Opera Mini.

But now automatic redirection will be possible using a new and free to use mobile blog platform called Flurp.

Setup is really easy. First Visit this FlurpSiruna

Then on the url box enter your blog blog feed url  e.g. http://YourBlog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default where YourBlog will be your blog name, so it will look something like this: 


then click on preview your blog.

a phone simulator will show your mobile blog.. you can choose from various phone models to preview it with.

Then click Sign up Now.

Fill up the form on the next page. 

*You might want to put your blog name as your username cause it will be included in your mobile blog url

Accept terms and conditions.

Click create new account that's it you now have a mobile version of your blog.

On the next page you'll have your mobile blog's url and other options..

Now, how to automatically redirect mobile visitors to your mobile blog.

On the Actions, click "Redirect mobile visitors to your mobile version of your blog"

on the next page will be the code/script that your going to add to your template to detect mobile browsers.

Login to your blogger account. 

On your dashboard, go to Design>Edit HTML

Before you change anything download your template first in case something went wrong or if you want to revert back to your old template.

Now look for the <head> tag. then copy the code from flurp and paste it below the <head> tag then save. 

Now your mobile visitors will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of your blog.

Try visiting it on your mobile phone to check..

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