Friday, November 2, 2012

Boost your USB modem's signal reception mcGyver's way

    If your a USB modem user like me I'm pretty sure you experienced poor reception. And I know you've done everything to improve reception some ways you'll be laughing at yourself  looking back. There some ways to do it right like switching to a lined internet provider, switching to a carrier that broadcast better signal at your area, or buy an antenna. But there is a more quick and easy, ghetto solution to it without spending anything.
If you have some old battery operated toys lying around then you're in luck.

    We're going to need a dc motor from the old toy, A scissor and your USB modem of course.
 Unwound the copper wire from the dc motor, then wound about 15 to 20 loops around your USB modem preferably near the tip or where the internal antenna might be. Then secure the copper wire, you can knot the ends or tape it in place. Then plug it to your computer see the improvement on the reception.


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