Friday, January 15, 2010

Devastation in Haiti: Help Starting to Pickup

It's a bit of a relief to know that the badly needed aid, and relief goods started arriving this Thursday on Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Even then we still have to continue sending in anything that we could to help.

There is still no certain estimates on the casualties yet. But officials predict there could be thousands. Rescue
operations are still on going. Global aid is starting to pick up.

Here are some of the scenes on the aftermath of the Haiti earth quake

Photos courtesy of

Devastation in Haiti: Pictures from the Earthquake

Haiti earthquake aftermath: video from CBS News Online you tube Channel

If you want to donate please double check the legitimacy of the charitable organization, sites, agencies, institutions that your giving your donations to. There are a lot of ill-minded fraudsters taking advantage of the current situation.

To make sure your giving your donations to the right people. Give it directly to trusted and proven charitable institutions like the Red Cross. I bet the Red Cross has branches in every country.

Here's the link for the American Red Cross currently accepting monetary donations in any amount.

For Other countries please contact your Local Red Cross Offices or other organizations you trust.

Let's hope that more survivors will be found and more help will soon come. Let's help them get through this.

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