Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hide LinkWithin On Your Homepage In Blogger

Link Within is a free and very useful widget bloggers can have on their blogs to display related posts with a thumb-shot of an image if any, just below every posts. This simply means more page views for you and a little convenience for your readers simply because they won't have to search for the related topics on your site. It will be displayed right at the end of the post. Blogger Blogspot does not offer a feature like this unlike WordPress. So Blogspot bloggers usually use this plugin to display related post on their blogs.

However, users of this widget don't really have much control on where to position it within their posts. It will
always position itself at the bottom of every post. And show up on your home page even if you have
summarized a post. It will show up even before the "read more" link and may sometimes result to your readers thinking your posts are too short cause they missed your "read more" link. So sometimes bloggers think it would be better to show Link Within only on post pages and not on homepage, or it's just me.

If you you want to show Link Within only on your posts here's how I did it. by using the <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'> CODE </b:if> which I learned in some blogger tuts on how to hide adsense ads on homepage showing it only when you are within a post.

So here's what you have to do:

Note: If you currently have LinkWithin Installed you have to remove it first.

First, login on your blogger account

If  you currently have Link Within Installed, on your dashboard go to Layout ---> Page Elements look for the page element of your LinkWithin. Usually labeled LinkWithin. Click Edit then Remove.

Then go to Edit HTML and download your template for backup.

Then find this code </body> it is usually located at the very bottom of your template.

Right before it, paste this code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

Then we have to create a new LinkWithin widget. Go to the site or here LinkWithin open it in a new window or tab.

Then fill out the form. This is Important: on the Platform select Other. Then Submit.
Copy the script/code. To make sure you selected all of it before copying, click inside the box and hit Ctrl+A.

Now go back to your template and paste the code replacing the REPLACE THIS WITH CODE. Save your template and your done. Go check your home page.

This is how will it look like:

That above is my homepage and LinkWithin is not visible

This is within my posts and it's displayed again.

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