Saturday, January 9, 2010

Surf the Internet Safe and Anonymously with a free VPN

Most internet users performs searches mainly for help, answers and infos about whatever it is that they wanted to know or learn more about. But majority of them or us including me, wanted their personal data to themselves. Most people don't want to leave their i.p. adresses or mac addresses on websites they visit. We sometimes want to surf anonymously.

One way to do this is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is mainly a computer network on top
of a computer network. The VPN simply fronts your existing network therefore hiding behind your real i.p. address or mac address or at least that's my understanding of it. For more info about visit Wikipedia page for VPN

But the thing is, most VPN services are often not free. So for most people who don't have spare money to spend have no choice but to search regularly which is unsecured.

By scouring the internet I manage to find one provider that offers free and paid VPN's called It's Hidden. Of course the paid one offers more and support. The free account doesn't have support but the setup instructions.

To setup. Just go to the web site and click the Free Signup/Upgrade bar on the navigation or here and on the next page you will be offered some subscription (paid) options. Navigate to the bottom and you'll find the free option. Just click the Free tab and fill up the form, accept terms and conditions and click register. Then you will be asked to choose your operating system eg. Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Linux, etc., just choose your operating system to start setup (If you don't know your what your operating system is refer to the stickers on your computers or find it in your system) After choosing you will be taken to a step-by-step setup guide on creating the VPN connection. Just follow the steps and your done.

Now go to your Network connections and you'll find the Virtual Private Network you created there.

Just double click it to connect or right click then choose connect, a pop-up window will open. See image below. Just enter the username and password you entered on the registration and you will be connected to your free VPN.

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