Monday, March 9, 2009

Freeware Antivirus

I think I'm getting good at finding free stuffs on the net.. I found a pretty good antivirus that offers really good protection without limitations for free.. They actually have another enterprise something version which you will have to buy but the free one offers the same protection as the paid one.. I tried it and replaced my old antivirus and I'm very much satisfied cause it detected and deleted a password viewer something virus, a heuristic type virus, and a worm which 2 of my old antivirus never detected, although the other one detected the worm it can't seem to remove it from my system it just crashes and shuts down.

Threat Fire Antivirus is like the access scanner it detects threats (viruses, worms, adwares, etc..) by monitoring suspicious activities that goes on within your system and incoming activities as well. I don't understand much about the process..

PC Tools will be the resident antivirus.. You can choose not to install this and keep your old one.. Threat Fire can run along with your current antivirus without any problems.. At least that's what they said on their site.. But i think it's true..

Try it and decide..

* PC Tools Antivirus took about 5hrs just scanning my primary hard drive 41Gig. Running on XP, Pentium 4 3.8Ghertz.. The good thing is It seem to be very sensitive on finding viruses...

There's also a free personal firewall...

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