Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grizzly Polar Bear Cross

I was watching National Geographic Channel this afternoon and this episode about the evolution of bears nailed me to the couch.. It seems that grizzly bears are not the original resident bears back then.. There was a bigger one they called the short nosed bear which is like twice the size of a grizzly. But the grizzly succefully replaced it in time.. The scientist was saying that the grizzly or brown bear is the most adaptable bear species as it can evolve in such a short period of time.. Adapting to it's environment.. What is more amazing is we might be witnessing an evolution in progress as there where sightings of a new species of bear.. It's white looks a lot like a polar bear but a bit off white.. And it has his dark rings around it eye.. They took DNA samples and confirmed it was indeed a cross between grizzly and polar bear.. Perhaps these highly adaptable animal is thinking ahead for it's survival..

I searched the net and found this site with actual pictures of it back in '06. ESPN Outdoors
Maybe you already knew this but I'm from halfway around the globe so it probably didn't make a lot of buzz here when the news came out..

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