Thursday, April 16, 2009

Found A Solution On How To Recover Deleted Posts

This afternoon I was deleting some of my un-necessary tags/labels on my post when I accidentally deleted all of my posts.. I immediately searched the internet for help and found some forums that suggest there are only two options, contact blogger support, or copy and paste my posts feeds in feedburner. I went to blooger support and read the guidlines sadly, they only cater to 3 specific subjects, none of them was mine and they pointed me to the forum to post for help.. After an hour a blogger replied and said that he wish he could help but there's no way it can be done.. So went to feed burner to find out that my feeds there are only summaries. By that time I was convinced that I can't get my posts back and just get over with it.. After having dinner I went back on my computer to surf the net on something that I can blog about when I remembered I syndicated my posts on other services like Google Reader, Netvibes, and MyYahoo.. I went to Google reader first and found all my posts there even my very first post in full including the images and dates of posting.. So for about an hour I spent copy pasting and publishing my posts again..

So if anyone out there accidentally deleted their blogposts you can still recover them from sites that syndicate your posts feeds. If you don't have an account try contacting one of your readers who subscribed to your feeds and all will be back to where it was again..

Here's my advice:

Back up all your post here's a link of a Blogger Downloader Software @ Digital Inspiration..

Or you could open accounts to sites like Netvibes, MyYahoo, or activate your Google reader on your Google account then subscribe to your own feeds. I recommend Google Reader.

Thanks  to them I have all my posts back...

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