Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sites Offering 100% Free Online Advertising

Want to advertise your blog or website for free?

Here are some free advertising sites I found... -  I tried this one on my other blog.. 3 easy steps to start.. 
                                  1. Add your site to their network 
                                  2. Display targetted ads on your site 
                                  3. Your ads will appear on thousand of sites.. - This site is quite like a social networking site.. They have like a community.. You can post your ads free. Plus they have tools, a messenger, and an affiliate program..

Inet Giant - Sign up and start your free advertising in minutes.. They also offer Opt In Bulk Email Marketing.. - Quite like the name implies.. A forum where you post your ads.. - Free business advertising.. Sign up and be included in their ad archive.. - It's quite similar to adgridworks.. Display at least 2 ads on your site and your site can be viewed on the whole network.. You can also track your web traffic with a historical traffic data.. 

Friday Ad - Fill in sign-up details to post your ads.. You can also postt an image or video banner so your ads could be more noticeable..

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  1. Online advertising is receiving a lot of bad press lately about its effectiveness.

    It is not advertising that is suffering, since only the major players are exposed, the perception is that there is a decline. Coincidentally there is an economic recession which paints the doom and gloom for all industries. Online Advertising is on a major growth curve.

    The appearance of an advertising budget decline, is actually the expansion of advertising space. The number of places businesses can advertise now is growing daily. This causes the advertising to be spread thin giving the appearance of the decline.

    There are many new ad networks now experience rapid growth compared to the rate of growth of the existing well known networks. This is a normal occurrence during a major growth trend in any industry. Take the auto industry for example during the 1940s and 1950s. They had more brands of auto makers than we can even remember. The same growth is occurring with online advertising.

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