Thursday, April 2, 2009

Summer Is Officially Here

Went out of the house a while ago and noticed the fog and the cool breeze... Signs to tell that it's officially summer.. I've known that from experience.. When I was younger when I go out early in the morning like 4, 5 in the morning, yes I'm already awake that early when I was younger, now I'm still awake till early mornings, anyways, when I go out I always remember that foggy summer mornings and that calm cold breeze.. But during the day the temp is way up on the thermometer at 37degC at average and could go even higher than that... I can also see a lot of kids playing out  the streets in the afternoon, signs that school is out for the summer vacation.. And tourists are flocking their way here, when I was younger, there aren't as many. It may be because of the water and cable (wakeboard) park here.. A wakeboarding world championship was held here, I haven't got the final results yet.. Yesterday was the juniour championships....
Anyways, despite the heat... I feel great that it's summer time.. My favorite time of the year.. 

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