Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Google Chrome Portable

Anyone Of You Use Google Chrome? I've been using Chrome for about 3 months now and I think it's nice.. The only downside about it is you can't install as many addons and plugins as you do in Firefox and IE and the crashes.. But I like it cause of the simplicity of the layout and the ease of use.. Less plugins means less toolbar and more room for browser window, so you get a larger fuller view of sites you visit..

There's something strange on how my chrome was behaving this past few days.. It doesn't store search engines, even the default search engine, and it doesn't display my recently visited pages anymore,, And this morning It just went crazy.. It crashed too often not even allowing me to key in a search.. So I decided to uninstall it and download a fresh copy.. But no luck.. Tried the newest version wich is still in beta but it didn't work.. I was about to give up and revert to using Firefox as my default browser when I remembered that there's a portable version of Chrome.. So started searching through Firefox and I opened about 11 tabs checking every results from my search.. I'm using it right now.. Guess what still not working... Back to using Firefox till I figure out what's wrong with my computer.. If you know anything why this is happening, what's wrong with my PC, or knows a solution to this, I will be really glad if someone comment on what to do.. Need help really bad...

Added a download link.. HERE
If you want to download Chrome Portable I published a post next to this. Click the title on the archive on the right.. find the download link at the end of the post.. thanks..

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