Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Portable Browsers - Opera, FireFox And Chrome

As a follow up post for the Chrome Portable.. I think I also should be posting for the other popular browsers for others who prefer the other two.. So here it is.. It should be 4 but Safari don't have no portable version yet or at least I didn't find one (i found Safari for Windows but no portable..). So it's Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

Opera USB/Portable v. 9.5 final multi-language

Download through

Google Chrome Poratble v. 2

Firefox Portable v. 3.0

I did not include Internet Explorer cause most PC's run on Windows so I think most people would not be looking for a portable version of it. But for some reason you wanted to have IE portable you can download it hereKezNews.comNote: This portable IE v7 is for users running Windows XP and has IE v6 installed.. So if your running other platforms even Vista you should not istall it..

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